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Tenants & Landlords

Partnerships Built on Trust

At Donovan Real Estate, our partnerships are our greatest assets. From best of class clients to reliable developers we focus on bringing the right partners to the table to maximize potential, revenue, and growth.

We Partner with the best

Retail Tenants

Donovan Real Estate Services provides premium solutions for retail site selection for all our clients. Whether you’re a national brand, a regional retail franchise, a lending institution, or a local retailer looking for your first location, we’ll secure the real estate you need for long-term vitality.

We Partner with the best

Restaurant Tenants

You can’t order a great dining experience off of Amazon—at least, not yet. That’s why Donovan Real Estate Services views restaurants as a critical part of retail synergy and an important draw for shopping centers. Restaurants also form the “third place” in our society, where people are able to meet outside of home or work. To assist our tenants in finding the best possible locations, we’ve done analytical analysis on the importance of location and visibility for long-term success of a dining retail concept.

We Partner with the best


Landlords—primarily shopping center owners and developers—rely on Donovan Real Estate Services’ expertise and vast experience to provide comprehensive leasing plans and ideal tenant mix solutions for their respective retail properties.

Donovan RES has decades of experience in NNN, Ground Lease, and Gross Lease negotiations. We understand all of the costs that tenants and landlords will have during a buildout and lease, allowing for faster, more productive negotiations.

Finding Solutions for

Tenants & Landords in NY