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Marketing & Design Team

Expert Support team

Cutting-Edge Design Gives Us the Edge

At Donovan Real Estate Services we pride ourselves on the quality and design of the marketing, flyers and other materials we put out there. Our in-house support team, led by Marketing Manager Andrew Trout, contributes sophisticated analytics, mapping, and printed collateral to ensure each client receives a full suite of services to inform their process. 

As commercial real estate brokers servicing Buffalo to Albany, we tap our extensive networks to glean market insights, allowing us to know who is expanding, when, and where. With decades of industry experience and the ability to leverage strong partnerships, we are able to provide clients with customized solutions for their complex needs, including cutting-edge marketing materials, graphics, flyers and supporting images and statistics to accompany each listing.

Marketing and Design team at Donovan Real Estate Services

As Expert Licensed Drone Operators, we often take and edit professional drone photos to use in our lease flyers and sales brochures.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Beautiful Marketing Materials & Graphics

We create professionally designed marketing materials and graphics to support each listing we make. Using drone technology and photos, industry software and tools to support us, as well as the leading graphics and design software and technology at our disposal, we are able to go above and beyond for all of our commercial real estate tenants, landlords and clients. We service Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, and beyond, delivering exceptional design and marketing results to accompany our listings.

Some of the materials we create include sales brochures, lease flyers, drone photos, aerial photos, aerial maps with nearby merchants, maps and photos with callouts and graphical information added, data, demographics, and analytics compiled graphically, charts and graphs, logos, and enhanced and touched-up photos, among many other deliverables. 

Marketing Flyer Designed by Donovan Real Estate Services
Aerial Map with Traffic Counts and Merchants
Aerial Drone Photo with Markup

Cutting-Edge Design and marketing

Software & Technology

Donovan Real Estate Services uses Placer.ai to analyze consumer foot traffic. Giving us extensive insight into how merchant locations are performing across any area, it is a valuable tool for real estate decision making. Learn more.
Sites USA is a software that provides us with demographic info, driving data, mobile and merchant data and more on a map interface that we’re able to interact with, capture, save, and use to help our clients. Learn more.
Donovan Real Estate Services uses Buildout real estate brokerage software to create listings, organize documents related to listings, generate flyers and specs, among many other awesome features. Learn more.
We use Adobe Creative Cloud software to produce publications of all kinds. This helps Donovan Real Estate Services stay on top of the trends to relay information in a visually appealing manner. Learn more.
Donovan Real Estate Services uses Mailchimp email marketing software to communicate with our clients about market updates, new listings, closed deals, and more regarding commercial real estate. Learn more.