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New Safelite Location in Tops Plaza in Walworth, NY

Donovan Real Estate Services Thinking Outside the Box!

Normally Safelite looks for industrial spaces, with no need for high visibility. These spaces can be easier—but not easy—to find in larger markets. There are numerous light manufacturing businesses that are growing, contracting, or relocating, creating enough churn and turnover to find a location that works. In smaller, more rural markets there is far less inventory available. To help Safelite service these markets more efficiently, Donovan Real Estate Services had to think outside the box.

We proposed going into a commercial shopping center. This has the obvious benefit of helping to improve visibility to the brand, as well as a central location. There is also easy access for anyone opting to bring their car to Safelite, and for Safelite techs to head out for jobs.

While not a traditional location for Safelite, this is a model we’ll keep using. We’re seeing more and more mixed use in shopping centers across the nation. As landlords look to fill vacancies, non-retail uses continue to have more value and appeal than they did five years ago.

Walworth Commercial Real Estate - New Safelite Location
Safelite Location - Tops Plaza in Walworth
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