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Rochester Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Take Out Reviews by Brian Donovan

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In late February and early March of 2020, as the Coronavirus was spreading across the globe, bars and restaurants were in trouble. Regulars weren’t quite as regular anymore, and other customers were staying home as well. Then one day, things went from not great to catastrophic. Restaurants needed to close their dining rooms and switch to take-out or delivery to help limit the spread. Just like that, an entire industry have to pivot into a new direction overnight.

There was fear, panic, and uncertainty everywhere. A lot of small and local businesses were suddenly put into jeopardy, along with countless people in the hospitality industry. Entire families and livelihoods were in peril. The restaurant business is a brutal, tough, demanding place to work during the best of times, and suddenly losing your dining room is far from an ideal situation.

On a personal level, Brian didn’t know how to cook very well. He enjoyed going out and meeting up with friends and colleagues. We live on a big planet with a lot of amazing food, and the thought of sitting at home eating PB&J for weeks on end was a chilling thought. But what could he do about it? He knew a lot of his friends were in the same position, either worrying about their jobs, or not knowing how to help those in need.

So Brian started recommending places for people to go out and get a meal, get a reprieve from the news and uncertainty, and also help out local bars and restaurants. What started as a few posts for a few days turned in weeks, and them months of daily suggestions.

This is a collection of those restaurant overviews written by Brian Donovan and compiled with one guiding thought: #BeAGoodNeighbor

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Rochester Restaurant Reviews by Brian Donovan

Rochester Take Out Restaurant Reviews by Brian Donovan
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