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Starbucks in Greece, NY Opens

Greece, NY – Donovan Real Estate Services is a full-service brokerage firm in Upstate NY, able to conduct both lease and sale transactions on behalf of landlords. 

As a landlord representative, we negotiated a lease with Starbucks, and remained in contact with the landlord during construction. As the opening date approached, Donovan RES reviewed the lease and current lending market, advising the landlord that selling the Starbucks as a net-leased investment property was the best financial move for the landlord. 

The Donovan RES team used our extensive broker network and market knowledge to determine an appropriate cap rate that would allow for a quick sale in a marketplace flooded with net-leased properties and used our marketing tools and expertise to put together an outstanding OM for this property. 

With a strong, impactful marketing push Donovan RES was able to secure a qualified buyer and close on the property right as it opened, allowing both the landlord and investor to get maximum ROI. 

New Starbucks Opens in Greece, NY
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