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New Starbucks Opens in Rochester, NY

With a new location at Winton and Blossom, Starbucks is now able to better serve the east side of the City of Rochester.

This was a complicated deal to thread the needle on, as much of the lease was negotiated during COVID. Site plans from the landlord changed regularly, the needs of Starbucks were in constant flux, and construction cost seem to rise every time you blinked. As the best brokerage in Upstate New York, Donovan Real Estate Services prides itself on PRP—Positive Relentless Pursuit—and this new Starbucks location is a great example of that.

We knew based on our years of experience in the Rochester, NY mark that this busy street was a great site for a new Starbucks and would have lots of happy customers. To get this deal done during an extremely hectic time we stayed on top of changes with regular conference calls and a plethora of emails. The regular communication ensured no one ever panicked, and all parties remained positive.

New Starbucks Opens in Rochester, NY
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